Fewer MT visitors, but more spending per tourist in latest UM report

Even though fewer visitors came to Montana last year, a new research report by the UM Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research says those tourists that did come spent more money. The numbers are still preliminary and are contained the Bureau’s latest report which will be updated this spring. But the initial results show more…Read more


Meeting set to discuss Sentinel High School lockdown

A meeting has been scheduled for later this week to discuss the lockdown at Sentinel High School. Students were held in their classrooms for several hours on Monday after a magazine of handgun ammunition was found in a school entryway. School and district administrators will be able to provide updates on the investigation, answer questions…Read more


Public urged to weigh in on Missoula Downtown Master Plan

Brainstorming, conversations and ideas are flowing through the streets of downtown Missoula as the public – along with design experts – are spending this week contributing to Missoula’s Downtown Master Plan. The Downtown Missoula Partnership is hoping the community will take part in the Missoula Master Plan Community Kickoff – three days of unlimited suggestions…Read more


Pelosi’s Big Power Play

Pelosi’s Big Power Play

[van id=”tv/2019/01/16/lead-kaitlan-collins-dnt-live-jake-tapper.cnn”] Pelosi tells Trump to delay or write State of the Union address.Read more

Pelosi asks Trump to move State of the Union address

Pelosi asks Trump to move State of the Union address

16 JAN 19 10:26 ET By Lauren Fox, Alex Rogers and Kaitlan Collins, CNN (CNN) — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking to move the day of the State of the Union address or deliver it in writing, citing security concerns from the ongoing government shutdown.…Read more

Theresa May’s Historic Brexit Defeat

Theresa May’s Historic Brexit Defeat

[van id=”world/2019/01/15/theresa-may-brexit-defeat.cnn”] UK Prime Minister Theresa May postponed the Brexit vote once before, but after 8 days of fractious debate, there was no avoiding it. Read more

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