Supreme Court rejects foreign company’s bid to review Mueller subpoena

An unnamed foreign government-owned corporation will have to turn over information that was related to the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation to federal prosecutors or continue to accrue escalating fines after the Supreme Court denied the company’s request to hear its appeal on Monday. The Supreme Court’s order marks the last stop for the company…Read more


‘Clueless’ cast reunion: As if we wouldn’t be thrilled

Alicia Silverstone is still a “Betty” and Paul Rudd is honestly “kind of a Baldwin.” Some members of the cast of the hit 1995 film “Clueless” reunited this weekend for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Silverstone, who played the lead character “Cher,” was joined by Rudd (“Josh”), Breckin Meyer (“Travis”) and Donald Faison (“Murray”)…Read more


Trump set to meet Netanyahu, providing boost ahead of Israeli elections

President Donald Trump will provide Benjamin Netanyahu both temporary refuge from ongoing scandal and a de facto campaign venue at the White House when he hosts the embattled Israeli prime minister for talks Monday. The meeting, which was announced last week, comes as Netanyahu faces new allegations of corruption, which are piled on top of…Read more


Trump: GOP will be known as the ‘Party of Health Care’

Trump: GOP will be known as the ‘Party of Health Care’

President Donald Trump declared that the GOP will become the party of health care, without providing any specifics for what that means and coming a day after the Trump administration told a federal court that the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down — a dramatic reversal of its previ…Read more

Father of Sandy Hook Victim Dies from Apparent Suicide

Father of Sandy Hook Victim Dies from Apparent Suicide

By Holly Yan, CNN The father of a 6-year-old girl killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was found dead Monday morning from an apparent suicide, police said. The body of Jeremy Richman was found in his Connecticut office building, Newtown police said. Richman, 49, was the father of Avielle Richman, who was killed…Read more

 Apple Introduces New TV Channels Storefront

 Apple Introduces New TV Channels Storefront

  By Frank Pallotta, CNN Business We don’t know exactly what Apple will debut during its big press event on Monday. A new streaming-video product? A revamped TV app and video storefront? What is clear is that the tech giant will be jumping into an already crowded — and growing — streaming market. Apple is expected to…Read more

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