Why Isn’t Gloria Allred Donald Trump For The Alleged Sexual Assault

zervosDonald Trump is being sued by the woman who says he forcibly kissed and groped her nearly a decade ago, but the lawsuit is not for sexual assault.

Summer Zervos is suing the president-elect for defamation after he called her a liar when she brought up the accusations. The decision to not file a sexual assault lawsuit makes KABC’s Legal Analyst Royal Oakes wonder if there’s a possible motive behind it.

“She can always try to amend he complaint and add sexual assault as a count but at this point, I think she just wants to tee up the idea that she’s telling the truth, he’s lying and he defamed her reputation when he accused her of being a liar.”

The former contestant on The Apprentice filed the lawsuit Tuesday morning with her attorney, Gloria Allred.

James Rojas
Field Reporter
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