Parenting with Vanessa Kahlon

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Parenting with Vanessa Kahlon


  • Parenting with Vanessa Kahlon
  • Do you have a child who does not listen or tunes you out?
  •  Is a teacher telling you that your child may need “extra support?”
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and concerned about the well-being of your family

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. “Parenting with Vanessa Kahlon” show will give families the tools to feel empowered with their parenting skills and enjoy their children on a daily basis.Vanessa is a Family Interventionist, bringing 20 years expertise of helping families with children who have learning and behavioral challenges.

 Vanessa Kahlon’s BIO

With almost two decades of experience and a Masters in Clinical Psychology under her belt, Vanessa is no stranger to families whose children have special needs. In her various capacities, she has directed and supervised various in-home / at schools Behavioral programs all around California, as well as facilitating Social Skills Groups and developing her own Yoga Curriculum (YEAS YOGA).

YEAS YOGA (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum) is an exciting, personalized program that Vanessa created to address Self-Regulation needs of High-Spirited children. The YEAS yoga program has been featured in Bay Area Magazine and Autism Bay Area Parent.

Vanessa has extensive training in; DIR-Floortime, Sensory Integration Disorder, Early Childhood Mental Health & Trauma, Move With Me Action Adventures, mini yogis Yoga Teacher Training and Zones of Regulation. She also has her certification from the Child Trauma Institute of UCSF, where she worked with mothers and their children around attachment issues. Vanessa is a guest lecturer around California – with various schools and organizations seeking professional development in behavior modification and management.

Vanessa is passionate about keeping families together, communicative, happy and healthy. Vanessa’s approach is professional, yet personal. She is relationship based – and she gets results! She cares deeply for all clients and their families, bringing purposeful challenges to stretch them beyond their current capacity.

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