“Dr. G: Engaging Minds is a weekly one hour radio broadcast during which we address psychological issues that affect all of our lives,” says Dr. G. “Every week, I will have the chance to speak with a variety of well-known guests from the worlds of entertainment, sports, technology, and business”

The show presents guests that share their stories, experiences, interests and beliefs on a wide range of topics. From humorous, to serious; from local to world issues.  The broadcast discusses how our guests have been affected personally, and how they are striving to make a difference.

Dr. G is a Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach and Entertainment Consultant.

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This week Dr. G welcomes Barbara Davidson, three-time Pulitzer Prize and Emmy award winning photojournalist best known for her work on victims of gang violence in Los Angeles.
The Shrink & The Showman™ is an hour of interviews both entertaining and psychological. Each week Dr. G welcomes a Guest (the Show Man or Show Woman) to talk about their individual journeys in show business and beyond, including the emotional and psychological turns that led them to and through the highs and lows of their career.   

Anything can happen.

Also on Sundays at 8:00pm The Solution®
The Solution® is Talk Radio with a fusion of psychology and medicine where Dr. G and Damon Raskin, MD focus on a specific problem and with a guest panel of experts and search for The Solution to questions around the mind/body connection.
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Court Clears Path For Clippers Arena In Inglewood

Court Clears Path For Clippers Arena In Inglewood

It’s a busy time in Inglewood as the city develops as a hub for major sports venues. The Clippers are set to sail into a new stadium in Inglewood after a judge ruled in their favor. Inglewood Mayor James Butts told 790 KABC’s The Morning Drive the Clippers owner made it a no-brainer deal for…Continue Reading

Marianne Williamson Joins the Morning Drive [AUDIO]

Marianne Williamson Joins the Morning Drive [AUDIO]

On the Morning Drive on KABC, Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson spoke to John and Jillian about the healthcare proposal for the country she plans to reveal in detail within the next two weeks. “We need universal healthcare, so that people can live without the chronic stress – not only those who are sick and need care – but those who aren’t…Continue Reading

Was there a second shooter at Las Vegas massacre?

Was there a second shooter at Las Vegas massacre?

A witness and respected attorney says a key factor in the 2017 Las Vegas outdoor concert massacre is being overlooked.  Attorney Brian Claypool was in the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival when the shots were fired. “I personally believe there was more than one shooter.” Claypool adds, “When you’re in the middle of a shooting,…Continue Reading