Pico Rivera protest

Dozens of military vets are demanding action over the Pico Rivera city councilman and high school teacher who was caught bashing service members.



Outside El Rancho High School, former servicemen and women demanded Councilman Gregory Salcido be recalled. Others want to educate the high school teacher.


“As Pico Rivera residents, we’re not gonna tolerate any BS.”


“My son was not a dumb____ for joining the Marines.”


“None of us are stupid!”


However former student of Salcido says there’s more to the story.


“I think he should stay but I think he needs to clarify this whole situation because there’s a lot of angry people here. There’s a lot of angry people here.”


Calls to Salcido’s office have not be returned.


James Rojas

Field Reporter

TalkRadio 790 KABC

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