Utah Legislature Raps About How a Bill Becomes a Law – And It Does Not Rock.

By Aileen Graef
That’s one civics lesson we’d rather have skipped.
Representatives from the Utah House of Representatives made a valiant attempt to make amendments and ratification cool with a music video called the “Fresh Prints of Bills Here.”
Set to the theme “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” by Will Smith — which told the story of a kid from west Philadelphia whose life got flipped, turned upside down — the legislators’ version instead goes through the process for a bill to become a law.
They took some creative liberties with rhyming — for example, “there” with “chamber” — though their interpretation of the process was accurate.
Tricking kids to learn about the legislative process through music is not a new theme: in the classic Schoolhouse Rock! video on the same topic, an animated bill sings about his journey through Capitol Hill and to the White House.

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