Rescued obese cat settles into new digs

Chubbs the cat has been rescued from the streets of Altadena.

Yvette Viola and her husband rescued the 29-pound kitty and took him into their home.  The formerly homeless Himalayan replaces their 23 pound cat, who recently passed away.

”When I saw the news report about him last week a friend of mine sent me the link and said, ‘hey look, I saw your new cat.’  I actually went to see him last week and he’s just so darned cute!”

She says he’s already feeling right at home.

“He actually slept on the bed with me. I have a bed for him.  But he was just like, ‘Nah, I just think I’ll sleep up here.’ ”

Chubbs is about twice as heavy as she should be and is pre-diabetic.

“He definitely needs to lose some pounds.”

Yvette Viola was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.


By Sandy Wells

KABC News.