Ex-Navy SEAL commander calls Thai cave rescue operation so far an “amazing feat”

In a race against the monsoon rains, rescuers brought four more boys out of the flooded cave in Thailand Monday, bringing the total number of those rescued to eight.

Tom Deitz, former commanding officer of SEAL Team 5 and Director of Development for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, says the rescue operation is requiring tremendous skill on the part of the rescuers as well as courage and faith on the part of the boys.

“To look at these young boys in Thailand, some of whom can’t even swim, much less ever gone through any training like that, for the professionals that are helping them out, the fact that they’ve already rescued some and to let them know, ‘all you need to do is trust us, breathe through this mouth piece and follow us in areas where you can’t see anything; you don’t know what’s up, what’s down,’ is an amazing feat.”

Tom Deitz was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.

By Sandy Wells

KABC News.

Justice Department asks court to expedite AT&T appeal

Justice Department asks court to expedite AT&T appeal

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