O.C.’s first cat café opening soon

There’s a cat café coming to Orange County later this summer.

Catmosphere Laguna owner Gail Allyn Landau says she’s not afraid to be identified as a crazy cat lady.

“We call ourselves aficionados or feline enthusiasts – but I’ll take crazy cat lady any day.”

She says it’s all about supporting the rescue community.

“Catmosphere Laguna is being widely, happily received. There’s not a day that I’m not there.  We’re almost finished getting it ready for our grand opening and people are popping in all the time asking when they can book a reservation.”

There’s no charge for going to the café to eat, drink and watch the cats through a window.

“If you choose to enter the lounge area, there is a donation for the kitties, for the care, for medical care treatment and really, the overhead for the kitties. And that’s $22 for adults per hour and $12 for children six years and up.”

Landau was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.

By Sandy Wells







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