Study: non-citizens crowding U.S. teens out of summer jobs

The tradition of the summer job as a rite of passage for American teens is fading as non-citizens continue to make inroads in the low-wage economy.
Steven Camarota, Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies, says a combination of legal non-citizens and illegal immigrants are impacting the job market for teens.
“In terms of those who compete with teens, maybe about 40 percent illegal, about 10 percent all these various guest workers, including the seasonal guest worker programs and about 50 percent of them would be legal permanent residents.”
And the impact on teens is even greater here in the Golden State.
“California has probably the lowest rate of teenage summer employment in the country. Only about a third of teens are even in the labor market.”
Camarata says employers seem to prefer to adult foreign workers for the jobs that once went to American teens.
But without basic job experience in the formative years, young Americans find themselves at an increasing disadvantage as they grow older.
“Kids who don’t work as teenagers, particularly the half that don’t go on to college, tend to have a tougher time in life. They’re less likely to have a job later in life. They earn less, they’re employed more intermittently throughout their life.”
Steven Camarota was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.
By Sandy Wells
KABC News​
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