Cox says debate sidestepped key issues for state [AUDIO]

Gubernatorial candidate John Cox says yesterday’s radio debate with Democratic opponent Gavin Newsom left too much off the table.
The Republican nominee said there are important subjects that will impact average Californians.
”Let’s talk about water rationing, which is coming in three years.  You’re not going to be able to take a bath in this state, literally. We’re going to rename this the smelly state, not the Golden State … and of course, we didn’t talk about health care, which Gavin Newsom wants to take over. The same people who are running the DMV and making you wait four hours to get a renewal are now going to be administering your health care.”
He said Sacramento politicians don’t understand how high taxes and excessive regulation drive up the cost of living.
”They’re the ones who actually make a good living off government and that’s something we’ve got to end as well.”
John Cox was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.
By Sandy Wells
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