Effort to Repeal the Gas Tax Hits Dead-End.

The effort to repeal the California gas tax has hit a dead-end.

Voters rejected Proposition 6 that would have done away with the 12-cents a gallon tax and increased car registration fee that state lawmakers passed last year.

The initiative was funded by the California Republican Party but faced stiff opposition, with opponents raising tens of millions of dollars to campaign against it.

Opponents argued that the funds generated by the tax are much needed to improve highways, bridges and the state’s transportation infrastructure.

73% of investors are worried about a recession

73% of investors are worried about a recession

22 JAN 19 09:50 ET By Paul R. La Monica, CNN Business (CNN) — A growing number of economists predict that the United States will experience a recession sometime later this year or in 2020. Investors are starting to worry about a downturn, too. About three quarters (73%) of investors expect a recession within the…Continue Reading