GOP observer: Democrat ‘Blue Wave’ turned out to be a ripple

The “Blue Wave” failed to wash out as many Republicans in the midterm elections as Democrats had hoped.

Shawn Steel, California National Committeeman for the RNC says Democrats who leaned left, or leaned on Hollywood celebrities to boost their value with the voters, fared poorly.

“This was the best the Democrats had. This was their time and this was how they were going to change America. All their progressive friends didn’t do well. The progressives were really thrown out of town in a hurry.”

In California, he says the choice for senator between Dianne Feinstein and Kevin de Leon, wasn’t a choice.

“That race goes to our ‘top two’ system where there wasn’t even a Republican on the ballot. My God, they have a lunatic wild man that gave us the sanctuary state and then you have Feinstein that did the Kavanaugh hearing. Who’s the worst of the worst? There was no choice at all and I opted not to vote, period.  The ‘top two’ system doesn’t even allow a write in, let alone a choice of parties. We’ve got a very corrupt system with this ‘top two’ business, because what it does is create basically a one-party monopoly. ”

Shawn Steel was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.

By Sandy Wells


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