Torrance official defends city’s aggressive approach to coyote control

A Torrance official says his city is right to pursue an aggressive policy against an out-of-control coyote population.

Torrance has hired a part-time manager to deal with the growing coyote population.  Councilman Jeff Rizzo says under the new plan, a veterinarian will be brought once a coyote has been trapped to euthanize the animal.

”Just as they would euthanize any other domestic animal through whatever medications they administer to euthanize the animals in a humane way.”

The alternative is to let the population grow unabated, which could lead to a tragedy. Coyotes no longer fear humans and have eaten small pets, threatened humans and pose a potentially lethal threat to children.

“That’s the fear of quite a bit of the citizenry here in the City of Torrance that it could escalate to that point and jeopardize the safety of human beings.”

He says an environmental impact report must be completed before their plan can be implemented.  The five-month trapping program would go into effect next year starting in October.

Jeff Rizzo was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.

By Sandy Wells

KABC News.

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