Anti-illegal immigration activist says Trump needs to sell nation on border security

An anti-illegal immigration activist says he is not satisfied with President Trump’s efforts to stem the flow of illegals into the U.S.
This is despite the fact that November arrests along the U.S.-Mexico Border are up 78 percent over last year.
Don Rosenberg says Trump needs to use the bully pulpit to win over more people to his point of view.
“Can anyone name one House member or one Senator who’s changed their opinion of illegal immigration since he became President? And the answer is ‘zero.’ ”
He says illegal immigrants feel empowered by the paralysis that continues to grip U.S. immigration policy.​
“People realize – the people who are coming here illegally – that they are going to be protected by the courts. I’ve talked to Border Agents and they tell me that on a good day they catch one out of five, and on a bad day, it’s one out of seven. So who knows how many people are coming in here? But, it’s way too many.”
Don Rosenberg, who lost his son to an illegal immigrant driver in 2010, was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.
By Sandy Wells