Space X CRX 16 continues to revolutionize space travel

Space X CRX 16 arrived at the International Space Station Saturday with 6,000 pounds of material, including more than 20 new experiments.  It is the sixteenth of up to 20 commercial missions that Space X  has flown for NASA.
“The beauty of the Dragon Capsule is it can come back,” says former NASA astronaut and engineer Dr. Jerry Lineger. “This time it brings back about 4,000 pounds … It’s capable of taking down about 5,000 pounds. It can bring back blood samples. It can bring back broken gear. You think, ‘Why bring back broken gear?’ First of all, it de-clutters the Space Station. Secondly, you can now examine it very carefully on the ground and see why it failed and you can also, perhaps, refurbish it and then send it back up and reuse it.”
He says space has changed a great deal since the U.S. landed astronauts on the moon in 1969.
“The space domain is increasingly congested. It’s contested and it’s very, very competitive. We are not sitting out there by ourselves anymore. And, especially, you’d better watch out for China.”
Dr. Jerry Lineger was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.
By Sandy Wells
KABC News​