EXCLUSIVE! – Coulter reacts within minutes to Trump’s criticism on AM 790 KABC [AUDIO]

Ann Coulter responded within minutes today on AM 790 KABC to President Trump’s apparent attempts to distance himself from her sharp criticism of his handling of the border crisis at Friday’s White House press conference. In fact, his comments were news to her.

“Thank God he’s relieved me of any responsibility for what he’s been doing! That was the biggest favor anyone could do to me today,” Coulter told the Morning Drive with Jillian Barberie and John Phillips on AM 790 KABC.

Coulter told us she was sleeping during the President’s press conference and heard the comments for the first time on our show. She said she didn’t need to watch it live because she didn’t have to “go to a Tarrot card reader to figure out, ‘Is the President going to totally F-over his base???’ Hmm, went to sleep last night thinking, ‘Yes! The answer is yes.'”

Coulter is outraged that the President’s border bill falls far short of delivering the wall he promised to build.

”It one hundred percent prohibits him from building a wall or a prototype anyplace along the border. There’s a small sector where’s he’s allowed to build, not a wall, not any of the prototypes – but some bollard fencing – with the approval of local officials.”

Coulter says he has effectively ended his chances of winning a second term as president.

“I can’t imagine any way to get out of this. I would like to hope that there is. I don’t think there is. In which case, no, of course he can’t run for reelection.”

Ann Coulter was a guest on the Morning Drive on AM 790 KABC.

By Sandy Wells

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