Farrakhan social media manager predicts backlash to Facebook ban

Louis Farrakhan, the longtime leader of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam, was removed from both Facebook and Instagram last Thursday for violations of Facebook’s policies, ​the website said in a statement.

Nation of Islam member and Minster Farrakhan’s social media manager Jesse Muhammad a.k.a. “Brother Jesse” says the ban is not justified.

“The minister is not a hater. He’s a truth-teller. He’s not anti-Semitic. Anybody who does any research and knows what the true definition of what an anti-Semite would know he’s not that. It’s just a weapon that has been utilized to try and get the masses to not to be magnetized by a man such as Minister Farrakhan.”

Muhammad denies that Farrakhan ever called Judaism a “gutter religion” and predicts Facebook’s move will backfire.

“Those people who did not want to listen to him, or pay attention to him, or they allow the media to skew their perception of him, they are now taking the opportunity to listen to him for themselves and that alone is very powerful.”

Snoop Dog and other celebrities have threatened to boycott Facebook. Brother Jesse says others will follow.

“We do believe that you will see, not just from the celebrities, but all the way down to the low level of the masses, who are now rising up to let people know that Minister Farrakhan has done more for them before Facebook ever existed, before Snapchat, before Instagram, before Twitter, this man gone down all the way into the unborn generation.”

Jesse Muhammad was a guest on the Morning Drive.

By Sandy Wells, KABC News

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