Rep. Tom McClintock: Mueller’s lackluster performance no surprise

Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee and House Intelligence Committee Wednesday did not rock anyone’s boat. Mueller frustrated members on both sides with vague or deflective responses.

Tom McClintock, a Republican Congressman from Northern California and a House Judiciary Committee member, was not impressed.

“It became very clear, very quickly, that Mueller was a figurehead in this investigation and he was manipulated by a team of highly partisan Democratic political activists to conduct the investigation under Andrew Weissman. Weissman was not only a conspicuous partisan supporter of the Clinton campaign, he has a long record of proprietorial and ethical misconduct. They used Mueller as their front.”

McClintock says the heart of this investigation has been political from the start.

“If you look at all of the attorneys that were put together – and this originally included Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page – they’re gone – but they’re typical of the attorneys that were brought into this case. And they desperately tried to make a legal case against the President and they couldn’t, so, instead, I think they tried to make a political case.”

He says Mueller’s lackluster performance before Congress came as no surprise.

“I interviewed Mueller many years ago when he was FBI Director and I was not in the least bit impressed then … I thought he was evasive, I thought he was dissembling and, frankly, not in command of all the facts. And that’s essentially the way he came across (Wednesday).”

Tom McClintock was a guest on the Morning Drive.

By Sandy Wells

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