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This Week:
The Who’s Pete Townshend, Pete’s wife Rachel Fuller and Furry Family
Ed Begley guests
Pete Townshend’s (guitarist for The Who) wife, Rachel Fuller is an amazing musician. She just finished a new album called Animal Requiem. The music is designed to help grieving animal owners celebrate the life of their pets. Rachel got a little help from Paul McCartney. She explains how her famous husband recruited the Beatle for this furry project.
Your Pet’s Carbon Paw-print 
Actor Ed Begley Jr. is well-known for being green before green was cool. He’ll share ideas for reducing your pet’s carbon paw-print and saving money at the same time. 

Canine Fender Bender  
A woman recently returned from her shopping trip at the mall to discover her car had been hit by a vehicle driven by three dogs. She later learned the owner had left it running with the animals inside and they somehow managed to put it into gear. 

Top Pet Accident-Prone States  
Petplan Pet Insurance compiled a list of states that are more likely to have accident prone pets. California tops the list followed by Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

What’s wrong with a little rawhide treat now and then? A lot! Besides the lacks of nutritional value, it is commonly a choking hazard. Dr. Debbie sees choking cases in her office several times a year caused by splintered rawhide treats. Some are fatal! 

Music For Grieving Animal Lovers 
Musician Rachel Fuller has created a brilliant album that celebrates the life of our furry companions. With the help of her husband, The Who guitarist Pete Townshend and The Beatles Paul McCartney, she transforms the death of a pet into an Animal Requiem. 

Benefits of Pets at Work  
A new study supports the stress reducing benefits of bringing your pooch to work. The study also reveals that workers have an increased level of job satisfaction and work productivity as well as higher staff morale. 

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