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Watch out: Your cellphone is dirtier than a toilet seat

A new study has found that the average smartphone is nearly seven times dirtier than a toilet seat. Initial Washroom Hygiene – which provides washroom services in the United Kingdom – found that toilets showed bacteria on around 220 areas around the seat, while the average mobile phone boasted 1,479 such spots. The phones’ screens had the…MORE

Study: E-Scooter safety is no one’s priority

E-scooters have become a common sight our streets and sidewalks almost overnight.  But a new study warns that they are a growing safety risk for riders and pedestrians. Jon-Patrick Allem, research scientist at USC, says policy makers in Sacramento are making e-scooters less safe. ”Legislation just passed in the State of California that I believe…MORE

Expert warns: Your fingerprint I.D. can be hacked

Before you get too excited about the prospect of someday replacing your computer passwords with your fingerprint, you should know that experts are now saying fingerprint ID’s can be hacked. New York University researcher Phillip Bontrager describes two approaches to defeating fingerprint-based security. One is to make a kind of master fingerprint that can open many computers…MORE

Coming to California: no weak passwords allowed

​ By 2020, it might be illegal for you use a weak digital password. The California legislature has passed a law that sets higher security standard for all Internet-connected devices made or sold in the region. Under the new law, each gadget must be given a unique password when it is made.  According to, the Information Privacy…MORE

Sellfies drive plastic surgery boom

Selfies posted on social media are inspiring a rush to the plastic surgeon. Health expert Dr. Daliah says the deal is people change their faces with photo retouching apps to attract more admirers on social media, but face problems when they meet a date in the flesh. “I think that people are putting a filtered,…MORE

Bird fever is giving L.A. officials a headache

In almost no time, the speedy little motorized scooters rented out by companies such as Byrd and Lime have become ubiquitous on Southern California streets. And they’re driving local officials crazy. Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander has seconded Councilman Paul Koretz’ motion to temporarily ban the electric scooters until the City can adopt regulations. Englander says the scooters are a “disruptive technology” that…MORE

IRS website chokes on Tax Day

It’s tax day — and the Internal Revenue Service web site is down – or at least part of it.   The IRS did not have an immediate explanation for the failure. But it said on its website that the Direct Pay service became unavailable shortly before midnight last night. “On my way over here this…MORE