Health Calls

Saturdays 10am – 11am

Don’t forget your pills! Take a pill for your headache. Take a pill to digest your food. Take a pill to go to sleep. Take a pill if you’re depressed. Take a pill if you can’t focus. Take a pill for that thinning hair. And whatever you do, don’t forget that LITTLE BLUE PILL!  Aren’t you tired of taking a pill for everything? What if you didn’t have to? That’s right Health Calls is a new listener call-in show every Saturday morning at 10am right here on AM790.

Barry Tikotin, your host from House Calls , brings a panel of experts to you every week to talk about your health. 
Anything from extreme weight loss, to back pain, to addiction issues, to Alzheimer’s , to supplements to CBD’s. ANYTHING having to do with your health and wellness. Nothing is off the table. 

If you give it a chance, your body will do its absolute best to heal itself. As long as you treat it right. I
t’s time to fix the CAUSE of your health problems. NOT band-aid the symptoms.

Join Dr. Rick Belling, Dr. Ali Meschi and health and fitness expert Kelly Curtis every Saturday at 10am as they help you solve your health issues – and we guarantee  they won’t tell you to take a pill!

Kelly Curtis, Fitness Expert for over 15 years. California native as well as a mind,body and spirit enthusiast. Kelly is a lover of all things fitness, meditation, animals, dance and hip hop. Lululemon Ambassador and trainer of the elite.


Dr. Ali Meschi is an integrative medicine practitioner with over 20 years of evidence-based practice located in Laguna Hills, CA. He specializes in holistic nutrition with an approach of keeping it simple. His passion has passion has pushed him to develop safe and effective clinical practices as his belief is to always address the whole body and not only the symptoms or numbers. As a result, Dr. Meschi has formulated and collaborated to create natural and effective dietary supplements to compliment his clinical practice.

Dr. Belling attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and received his undergraduate degree in 1987. He studied biology, chemistry, human physiology – he wanted to learn how to heal himself and to help others do the same. Dr. Belling  is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician but doesn’t limit his practice to sports injuries. In fact, he truly believes chiropractic can heal anyone regardless of age and his patients include everyone from babies to geriatrics – anyone with a spine!