Measure S Supporters Say LA City Council Uses “Pay To Play” Politics


Supporters of placing a moratorium on certain construction projects in L.A. are accusing the city council and mayor of “Pay to Play” politics.

“This is just a widely accepted reality, come on. Let’s not play games here.”

Jill Stewart with the Yes on Measure S campaign says the city council accepts large sums of money from developers who buy land in areas where they know they can’t build.

“And they know that if they give a lot of money to council members and other elected officials, that they have a good chance of getting a backroom deal to change the zoning and do what they want with that land.”

Mayor Garcetti denies the claim.

“I don’t think the neighborhood council members get any campaign donations and they spoke out and voted in support of it. So I think people make up their decisions, I certainly do, based on the merits of the project. Period.”

The mayor says Measure S would slow down the growth of affordable housing.

James Rojas

Field Reporter

TalkRadio 790 KABC