No-kill L.A. policy

The goal is to have all shelters in L.A. to become no-kill shelters. 

Jeff Ebenstein is the Director of Policy and Legislation for Councilman Paul Koretz who introduced the motion. 

“We enacted several policies that will get us there. It’s not going to happen over night but we increased funding to spay and neuter, that was a big part of it. We also put a ban on puppy mills in the city of Los Angeles that require all pet stores to use shelter animals.” 

Eighty-two percent of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats in shelters were saved last year. L.A. is trying to make it 90-percent. 

Not so fast Nevada

Not so fast Nevada

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the national Republican Party have sued Nevada to block a new law that will send a mail-in ballot to every registered voterContinue Reading