Expert: TSA will come to regret its court victory

 “This is going to be a court decision the TSA is going to come to regret. They should have settled this case.”
She says the TSA appears to have buried or destroyed incriminating evidence of the incident where a passenger claimed screeners mistreated her and damaged her property in 2006. Screeners said she hit two of them with a bag.
“Their screeners behaved badly and an important thing that shows up in the actual case that was in the court is that the video tape of what went on disappeared, so you know who was probably telling the truth – probably the passenger because why else would there be no video? Because it’s the law that you have to have the screening area videotaped by the government.”
She says theTSA has probably damaged itself in the long run.
 “What this case actually shows is that not everyone that wears a badge is law enforcement. And so the Third Circuit just demoted the TSA screeners; they’re not law enforcement. So, next time they want all kinds of immunities for being important law enforcement officers, the TSA can’t claim that.”
Mary Schiavo was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.
By Sandy Wells
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