Study: Christmas is accident-prone time of year

A new study reveals celebrating Christmas can be a risk to your health, including mishaps while decorating the Christmas tree, hanging electrical lights and kids falling off the laps of Santa Claus impersonators.

KABC medical expert Dr. Daliah says not only are people injury-prone, but travelers often misplace important prescriptions.  But she has a solution.
”I tell everybody to split up their medicines, you know in their travel case, versus their suitcase, so if they do lose their medicine. Most doctors are out of Dodge. They’re not going to be calling in prescriptions.”
Researchers also found kids are sometime hurt during interactions with a Santa impersonator — for example, by falling off his lap or falling while running away in fear.
The study will be published in the journal Advances in Integrative Medicine.  It is based on an analysis of hospital records for injuries connected to Christmas products and activities between 2007 and 2016.
Dr. Daliah was a guest on 790 KABC
By Sandy Wells