California pot retail sales fall short of expectations

Pot is legal is California, but sales have been disappointing.

Ellen Komp Deputy Director off California National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws says state regulators haven’t helped.

“Keeping in place local bans on retail outlets and consumption rooms and keeping the state law allowing employers to continue to discriminate against workers for off the job abuse of cannabis, even for medical use.”

And some consumers are not embracing the retail marijuana experience.

“People have actually run back to (the) neighborhood guy because people have to pay up to 40 percent in taxation when they go into a store. They also have to show their I.D. and register their sales.”

Pot is still forbidden by the Feds, but that is likely to change.

“But we’re finally starting to see movement, even at the Federal level on this issue and that’s very exciting to us and that’s what ultimately has to happen.”

Ellen Komp was a guest on 790 KABC

By Sandy Wells

KABC News​