Not-So-Happy Mother’s Day

Just in time for Mother’s Day, here are some stories making the news this week of some bad Mom’s & some bad kids getting in trouble.

Man keeps dead Mom in his home while collecting her pension

An elderly man in Japan was arrested after the rotting corpse of his mother was found on a bed inside the home they shared. The body had been decomposing for 11 months before it was stumbled upon by the woman’s visiting grandson. Japan Today reports that Katsuyoshi Nabata allegedly continued to collect his mother’s pension while her body decayed.


Children arrested for stealing Mom’s retirement money

Oklahoma police say Sherri Stallings and Hezekiah Stallings created a personal slush fund of almost 285-thousand dollars after taking control of Sherri’s mother’s checking and retirement accounts and selling her home. The Tulsa World reports that Sherri’s mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, was found abandoned in a vacant house with no bed and almost no food.


Mom arrested for threatening to blow up son’s school after they suspended him

A mother in Florida was arrested after allegedly calling her son’s elementary school and threatening to shoot it up after her child was suspended from riding the school bus. The Associated Press reports that when police arrived at Melissa Giddens home, and played her a recording of the angry call, she allegedly told police she was frustrated with the school and the bus driver.


Mother & son on the run after taking advantage of elderly neighbor

The neighbors of a 93-year old Maryland woman are on the run after prosecutors say they stole financial information from the woman’s mail and used it to enrich themselves. Barbara Stevens and her son Terrance Stevens are suspected of offering to help out by forwarding the senior’s mail to one of her family members. But prosecutors say they mined the mail for personal information instead and used it to steal money from the woman’s bank accounts to pay their bills.


Mom tries drowning her newborn at McDonald’s, gets no jail time

A McDonald’s cashier was accused of trying to drown her newborn son in one of the restaurant’s toilets after giving birth in the restroom during her shift. Prosecutors said a co-worker went into the bathroom, to check on Sarah Jane Lockner, and saw Lockner holding the newborn face down in the toilet. But Lockner walked after accepting a plea deal. Judge Stephanie Garratt sentenced her to probation and no jail time. Miraculously, the baby boy has recovered and is doing fine.