At 20 Years, Fox TV’s The Family Guy adjusting to new social mores

Fox TV’s “The Family Guy” has been pushing the limits of what is acceptable and permissible for television comedy since 1999. The show created by Seth MacFarlane is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Executive Producer Kara Vallow says changes in society such as the #MeToo movement have changed the show’s tone.

“It’s obviously more difficult to come up with things that are funny when you’re concerned about not offending people, it makes it a lot more difficult. But, you know, the times have changed and they’re always sort of out there and always sort of dictating what we say or do, whether subconscious or not.”

Even so, she says MacFarlane has a good instinct for how far he can push the limits of socially acceptable humor on commercial television.

“He knows where the lines are and he knows how to handle a situation that not many people would know how to handle and not have ‘it turn-off-the-TV offensive.’”

A new illustrated book is being released to commemorate the anniversary. “Inside Family Guy: An Illustrated History” features storyboards, character sketches, script excerpts and interviews with the cast and crew.

Kara Vallow was a guest on the Morning Drive.

By Sandy Wells