Pomona Police are identifying the homeless man allegedly shown on video hurling a boulder at a car.

By Kevin Tripp, KABC

video from ktla 5

The video was shot on Friday by resident Amos Young who says he was witnessing illegal dumping. He tells KTLA-5 locals like him won’t tolerate crime.

”You commit a crime in Pomona, and you are seen doing it, there are people like me that are going to stand up and we’re going to say, “Stop it, right now, and PD are on the way.”

Police say the suspect is a homeless man who is known to sleep in that area near Towne Avenue and the 60 Freeway. He’s identified as Jacob Makwana. In the video shot from Young’s car, a man can be seen charging the car and throwing a large boulder, crushing part of the hood and windshield. Police say the suspect is facing felony vandalism charges and they hope someone will turn him in.


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