Update from the Bahamas as heard on the Morning Drive

Kimberly Mullings reporting from Freeport, Bahamas described the surreal conditions wrought by Hurricane Dorian on Grand Bahama Island.

She told Jillian and John about “seeing people leaving literally in their underwear trying to seek shelter … Some people have three story homes and they had to hang out in their attics for over 24 hours. I’m very close to some of the rescue teams and they’re describing to me they’ve had to rescue people from trees – who are hanging out in trees.”

Miles of debris from houses smashed apart by Hurricane Dorian stretched across the landscape of the Bahamas as the deadly storm left behind a paradise obliterated.

The death toll may grow as rescue and cleanup crews begin the recovery process. You can check with Kimberly @KimKayaKhianKor for updates and to find out how you can help the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Hear the full interview:

Not so fast Nevada

Not so fast Nevada

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