Marianne Williamson Joins the Morning Drive [AUDIO]

On the Morning Drive on KABC, Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson spoke to John and Jillian about the healthcare proposal for the country she plans to reveal in detail within the next two weeks.

“We need universal healthcare, so that people can live without the chronic stress – not only those who are sick and need care – but those who aren’t sick but have no idea of what would happen if they got sick or one of their children got sick. I want complete universal care, I don’t want co-pays. I don’t want deductibles. I don’t want that stress. I do want some entrepreneurial opportunities for doctors. We can have it all. I don’t just want to be a president who provides healthcare, I want to be a president who provides greater opportunities and conditions for health.”

How would she pay for it?

“I think we need to repeal the 2017 tax cut that gave 83 cents of every dollar to the very richest corporations and individuals, although I would put back in the middle class tax cut. That was a good idea and that should have been there to begin with.  I would stop corporate subsidies – like 26 billion dollars alone to oil and gas last year.  The United States should be able to negotiate with the big pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices.”

Marianne also weighed in on corruption in government and other big issues facing the country.

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Marianne Williamson was a guest on the Morning Drive.

By Sandy Wells