Court Clears Path For Clippers Arena In Inglewood

It’s a busy time in Inglewood as the city develops as a hub for major sports venues.

The Clippers are set to sail into a new stadium in Inglewood after a judge ruled in their favor.

Inglewood Mayor James Butts told 790 KABC’s The Morning Drive the Clippers owner made it a no-brainer deal for the city.

“Steve Balmer has agreed to the richest community benefits package in the history of sports in the country, committing hundred million dollars to community benefits and 75 million to promote affordable housing in the city.”

The Forum, which is owned by the Madison Square Garden Company in New York, has backed the opposition.

“They put our mailers saying that traffic complaining about traffic saying that Inglewood would be harmed”, said Mayor Butts. “Think about it. A company that is based in New York complaining about traffic.”

And there’s more positive developments.

“We’re finalists for WrestleMania in 2021.”

“Are you negotiation for the WWE yourself?” asked the Morning Drive’s John Phillips.

“All I’m doing is the city’s part,” said Mayor Butts. “The negotiations are by the Crosby Group and then, of course, if the city’s not with it, it’s not going to happen, so that’s where I come in.”

“If you were sitting across the table from Vince McMahon, I’d want to hear all those details,” said John.

“Make sure you have a chair ready,” added 790 KABC’s Sports guy Randy Wang.

“No we wouldn’t allow any chairs there, because they throw those in the WWE,” said Mayor Butts.

Mayor James Butts was a guest on the Morning Drive.

By Sandy Wells



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