Cop union opposes Mayor cutting LAPD budget

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Police Union Upset Over Calls To Defund The Police

(Los Angeles, CA) — The biggest union representing Los Angeles police officers is furious over calls to defund the police. Mayor Eric Garcetti is bowing to protesters calling to pull money from the department, saying he will not be increasing the department’s budget. City Council President Nury Martinez says a reworking of the city’s proposed budget will take time, but officials can start to dismantle systems that are designed to harm people of color. The police union is calling the comments offensive. Critics of Garcetti and Martinez say cutting the police force will up response times and make neighborhoods less safe overall.

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After nearly a week of protests in Los Angeles calling for the defunding of the police department, the mayor is proposing slashing the L-A-P-D’s budget and change the way officers work.
As protests continue throughout the nation over the death of George Floyd, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a series of reforms aimed at reducing police misconduct. Garcetti said new policies for the Los Angeles Police Department will include requiring officers to intervene if they see their fellow officers engage in inappropriate use of force, and requiring them to report misconduct. “Nobody hates a bad cop more than a good cop,” Garcetti said. “We have to make sure there is no culture of silence, there is no culture of acquiescence. That there is no culture of being a bystander. There is only right or wrong on our streets and on streets across America.”
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Violence In Newport Beach

(Newport Beach, CA) — Police are investigating several violent incidents in Newport Beach. The events happened during a major protest Wednesday. In one case, a driver swiped a person on a bike who had a child with them. That driver has been arrested. In a second incident, a shirtless man was getting into a fight with a protester and pulled out a gun. Cops are on the hunt for the armed man.

OC Deputy Wears Extremist Group Patches

(Santa Ana, CA) — An Orange County sheriff’s deputy is in some hot water for reportedly wearing patches connected to extremist groups. The deputy had the patches on his uniform during a protest in Costa Mesa on Tuesday. The patches show a United States flag partially covered by the logo of the Three Percenters above the word “Oathkeeper”. The group has been connected to several acts of violence including a vehicle bombing in Oklahoma and the Wildlife Refuge standoff against police in Oregon.

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