You will get to vote against lowering the voting age in November

 The California Primary Voting for 17-Year-Olds Amendment will be on the November ballot. Do you think 17 year olds should have the right to vote?




  • The California Association of Student Councils submitted an argument in support of the constitutional amendment, which said, “Young people whose birthdays fall between the primary [and] general election are currently at a disadvantage to those who are permitted to vote in the primaries. Without full exposure to the election process they are unable to submit their most educated vote in the general election. Assembly Constitutional Amendment [four] would ensure that a greater number of citizens voting in the general election have the resources and experience they need to provide the vote that best matches their own values.”[1]



  • The Election Integrity Project California, Inc. submitted an argument in opposition to the constitutional amendment, which said, “17-year-olds are legal minors. Under that definition, they are still considered children. They are almost all still living at home and under the strong influence of their parents. This is not conducive to independent thought and voting without undue pressure from their immediate superiors… 17-year-olds will almost always still be in high school, and under the strong influence of their teachers. This again makes it less likely that they would be expressing their own, independently thought-out choices were they to be allowed to vote.”[1]