Newsom May Close Down MORE than Bars and Beaches Under Current Order

Among the 17 states pausing or rolling back their reopening plans is California, whose governor shut bars back down across seven counties and recommended their closure in several more. State officials on Tuesday reported 6,367 new coronavirus cases, the second-most number of reports on one day. The state has had more than 222,000 infections to date and nearly half of this cases are in Los Angeles County. Already reclosing bars and beaches in numerous counties including LA County, Gov. Gavin Newsom said he will announce more restrictions on Wednesday. There has been no interest in shutting down on-going protests.  The governor has repeatedly promised that reopening the state comes with the ability to “toggle back” if necessary. Responding to a reporter question about the beaches being closed in Los Angeles County for the Independence Day weekend, the governor hinted that state beaches could be part of his announcement