One team stands firm; One gives in.

Braves Won’t Change Nickname, Will Further Examine Tomahawk Chop

(Atlanta, GA) — The Braves will not be among the teams changing their name. In an email to season ticket holders Sunday, the club said they will not look at changing their nickname. However, ESPN reports the club will look at the future of the tomahawk chop. In a statement to the network, the ballclub said they have great respect and reverence for the Native American communities. This comes as the Cleveland Indians said they will look into changing their nickname and the Washington Redskins prepare to retire their moniker.

NFL Washington Nickname

Washington Expected To Retire Nickname Monday, Sources Report

(Landover, MD) — The Washington NFL franchise will announce it will retire its “Redskins” moniker on Monday, multiple outlets are reporting. The move comes less than two weeks after FedEx, the company that owns the naming rights to the stadium the team plays in asked the franchise to change the nickname. A new name is not expected to be announced right away, as copyrights are pending. The team had announced on July 3rd a “thorough review” process was being conducted. The team’s moniker had long been decried as racist.

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