Kentucky Grand Jury Brings Charges Against One Officer In Breonna Taylor Case

(Frankfort, KY) — A Kentucky grand jury is charging one of the officers in the Breonna Taylor case. Former detective Brett Hankison was changed with three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree. He allegedly opened fire through the window and patio door. The other two officers who shot toward Taylor and her boyfriend were not charged. Taylor died in the early morning hours of March 13th. Police were there on a no-knock warrant to search her home for drugs and cash as part of an investigation into a former boyfriend. The city of Louisville agreed to a 12-million dollar settlement with Taylor’s family.

(Louisville, KY) — Louisville Interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder is confirming multiple local, state and federal agencies are activated in the area as a decision has been made in the Breonna Taylor case. He says the National Guard is in town, but doesn’t know how many soldiers are in the area. The Kentucky State Police will also be assisting, along with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and other local police departments. All Jefferson County Public Schools events, games and practices are canceled for today.