Profiles in Courage: Two lawmakers take Governor Newsom to court to stop the lockdowns. Hear John Phillips’ Interview

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley posted this on his Facebook page:

200,000 Californians tuned in yesterday to watch our trial against Governor Newsom. Our argument was simple: the Constitution does not allow for unlimited executive authority in a State of Emergency. We believe the law is on our side as we seek to restore checks and balances. We expect a ruling from the Judge in the next few days.

Fox 11 LA reported:
Wednesday marked the first day of a court case against Governor Newsom’s use of executive orders during the COVID-19 pandemic after he was sued by two state lawmakers who allege he has overstepped his authority and violated the state Constitution by acting as a “one-man government.”

790 KABC’s John Phillips talked to Assemblyman Kevin Kiley about the suit to liberate the state of the without-legislative-approval continued lockdowns. Hear the great interview here: