Two juicy food stories to chew on

Taco Bell Releases Crunchy Taco Shepherd’s Pie Recipe For Thanksgiving

(Undated) — Taco Bell is releasing their annual recipe to include at your Thanksgiving dinner. This year’s recipe is crunchy taco Shepherd’s pie. You will need basic cookware, two classic crunchy Taco Bell tacos, four sauce packets of your choosing, and a few extra ingredients from the grocery store. Some recipes the chain has released in the past include rolled chicken tacos bisque and fire tortilla chip crusted chicken.

Jimmy Dean Sells Out Of Sausage Scented Wrapping Paper

(Springdale, AR) — Jimmy Dean has already sold out of their sausage scented wrapping paper. Three other festive products are gone as well, but the Glass Sausage Ornament and Jig Sausage Puzzle are still available. Those who want one can enter to win through the company’s recipe gift exchange. The sausage company brought back its sausage scented wrapping paper this year as it is a fan favorite.