Newsom to attack coronavirus- with an $80,000,000 billboard campaign. Hear Newsom in his own words.

Governor Newsom, fresh off the start of the latest lockdown- this one lasting through Christmas- announced some new ‘public education’ programs to show how much he is doing to fight the coronavirus. Among the measures- an app designed with Google and Facebook that will warn you when someone when a COVID positive person is within 6 feet for 15 minutes. Sure.  Newsom also announced an $80,000,000 billboard campaign – for about 1,000 billboards statewide- to remind you to stay 6 feet apart.

The Governor was quite animated about this announcement.

Placing billboards outside on the roadways while telling Californians to stay home seems an odd approach to some.
Also, the $80,000,000 dollar cost of the billboard campaign could be $2,000 checks to 40,000 Californians who lost their jobs or businesses. Judge for yourself.

Hear the Governor in his own words: