Geragos beat overreaching county, now he is going after the state’s dining ban. And he is revved-up. Hear details HERE

Famous LA Attorney Mark Geragos, – and owner of iconic restaurant Engine Co. 28- who successfully got a judge to overturn the not-based-in-science shutdown of outdoor dining in LA County- handing a stunning rebuke to the Sheila Kuehl, Hilda Solis and Mark Ridley-Thomas- will now sue the state in an effort to reopen dining statewide. Despite the county’s decree, the judge found the closing of outdoor dining was done without benefit analysis and factual basis.

Speaking today on KABC’s  the John Philips Show, hosted by Randy Wang, Geragos pulled no punches in criticizing the overreach of the LA County Board, particularly Sheila Kuehl, who after calling outdoor dining a “dangerous” activity- was caught dining at a Santa Monica restaurant.  Geragos said Kuehl should resign, describing her as a “duplicitous, hypocritical, P-O-S”. He said he at one time supported Supervisor Solis, but expected more, than her vote to close outdoor dining.

Hear the electric interview here and judge for yourself: