Cali Medical Staff Reluctant To Get Vaccine-And You Still Can’t Get It

(Sacramento, CA) — There has been growing reports that front line healthcare workers are refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. One Sacramento County nurse explains why she will not be getting the vaccine, saying “For me, to do my job, I feel like the vaccine isn’t going to help me. You’ll still have to take the precautions you would with anything else”.

The frontline healthcare workers are the first to get access to the vaccine. In Los Angeles, the county is reporting roughly 20-percent to 40-percent of the County’s front line workers who were offered the vaccine refused. In the meantime, prisoners and County Supervisor Kilda Solis is calling for immigrants here illegally, are among the first tier to get the vaccine. The nurse notes however there is a huge demand for the vaccine and that those who want it should be open to getting it.

California has distributed less than 30% of the vaccine doses that have been received.

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