In rare instances of COVID being transmitted in schools, it’s teachers giving it to kids, not the other way around: CDC

CDC Study Examines School Staff’s “Central Role” In Transmitting COVID

(Atlanta, GA) — A new CDC study says educators and other school workers may have a “central role” in COVID-19 transmission in schools where health and safety protocols aren’t followed. The study shows getting teachers immunized could aid in the safe return of students to the classroom. The research looked at virus spread in eight Georgia elementary schools in one district between December 1st and January 22nd. It found nine COVID “clusters” formed that involved 13 teachers and 32 students at six of the eight buildings. All but one of the clusters had “at least one educator and probable educator-to-student transmission.” While the CDC advised states to make vaccinating teachers a priority, their school reopening guidance did not recommend it for implementing in-person learning again.