Three Dead After Boat Capsizes Off California Coast

(San Diego, CA) — Police believe those who died when a boat capsized off the California coast were being smuggled into the U.S. The boat overturned off the coast of San Diego, leaving three dead and over 25 hurt. The boat was completely broken up into pieces when rescuers arrived on the scene. The Coast Guard is still searching to make sure there are no other people in the water. Three Dead, 27 Injured When Human Smuggling Boat Capsizes (San Diego, CA) — Three people are dead and 27 others were injured when a boat carrying illegal immigrants capsized and broke up on rocks along the San Diego coast. Border Patrol spokesman Jeff Stephenson says human smugglers use poorly equipped vessels.

Stephenson says the accused smuggler, the captain of the boat, is in custody. Lifeguards rescued many of the victims from the choppy ocean water with others washing ashore along with wreckage. Additional bites: Border Patrol spokesman Jeff Stephenson says human smuggling attempts at sea are extremely dangerous.

Border Patrol spokesman Jeff Stephenson says the human smugglers have no regard for the people who are on board.

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