NY state to open May 19th. Cali reopening June 15 (if). How come NY is doing so much better than us?

NY Governor Cuomo Says Major Reopening Will Begin For Tri-State May 19th

(New York, NY) — Governor Cuomo says a major step in the tri-state region’s reopening process is coming on May 19th. He announced that most coronavirus-based capacity restrictions will go away that Wednesday, including for things like Broadway, retail stores, restaurants, and museums. It appears this policy change will also apply for New Jersey and Connecticut, as authorities return to the concept of a “regional policy.” Governor Cuomo says large outdoor stadiums in New York will be permitted 33-percent capacity starting May 19th.

Mayor Backs Decision To Bring Workforce Back

(New York, NY) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is insisting it is safe and time for City employees to be at the workplace despite backlash. Today, some 80-thousand city employees were told to come back to work. The mayor feels employees will get a lot more done in person than at home. He says that combined with coronavirus protocols, the vaccine and strong COVID data makes it the right move. New York City’s largest public employees union disagrees. The head of DC 37 says only 34 percent of the workforce is vaccinated and the city should bring that number up before bringing everyone back to work gradually. Some workers are concerned about ventilation and need to watch young children without a daycare option.