Jeffrey Katzenberg Emerging As Leader In L.A. Homeless Crisis?

(Los Angeles, CA) — A new key figure seems to be emerging in the L.A. homeless crisis. One of the city’s richest residents, Hollywood executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, has started to meet with local officials to understand homelessness better and to offer some ideas on how he might help. Katzenberg has discussed the issue with several members of the Los Angeles City Council, as well as aides to Mayor Eric Garcetti. He’s reportedly been asking questions on how he might be able to influence homelessness policies, and whether he intends to financially support efforts to get people off the streets. Several people who met with the film producer weren’t exactly sure how he was planning on tackling the crisis – whether through his humanitarian efforts or through backing political candidates and ballot measures. Variety reported last November that Katzenberg “downsized” to a 6,500 square foot, 26 million dollar home.