Los Angeles is on its way to becoming the nation’s “rattiest” city but new rat contraceptive is being promoted to control and reduce the rat population

The pandemic and the growing homeless population along with the ban of many rodenticides in California has propelled L-A in to the number two spot of the cities with the worst rat infestations. Two rats, can produce 15-thousand-plus rat babies. Nicole Williams, Chief Strategist for Senes Tech says ContraPest – a contraceptive for rats – can stop all that begetting: “So when the rats drink it, essentially it lowers the egg production of the female and interferes with the sperm of the male so it slows or even stops their ability to reproduce”

It is not poison so it won’t kill your dog if it gets into it and if a hawk or cat eats the rat it won’t harm the hawk or cat. Talk to your pest control company about it.