Pelosi Proves Her Jan 6 Commission Is A Fraud

(Washington, DC) — House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is laying into Speaker Nancy Pelosi for refusing to let two Republicans serve on a panel investigating the Capitol attack. While being sold as bi-partisan, the Democrats select 8 member, the Republicans can select only 5–and have no subpoena power.  McCarthy said he was proven right all along that Pelosi would play politics with the committee charged with investigating the January 6th attack. Just before McCarthy spoke, Pelosi confirmed Representatives Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio wouldn’t be allowed to serve on the panel. She cited “concern about statements made and actions taken by” Banks and Jordan. Speaking to reporters, McCarthy said Pelosi has broken the House as an institution. The California Republican noted his party won’t be on the panel if Pelosi refuses to reverse course and seat the Republicans he chose.

Meantime, McCarthy said Republicans will do their own investigation. He said two critical questions must be answered. One is why the Capitol wasn’t prepared for what happened on that day just before President Trump left office. The other is what has Congress done to make sure it never happens again. Banks and Jordan echoed McCarthy, saying it’s always been about politics for the Speaker.