You might lose your job for failing to vax–but not LAUSD teachers

CA Vaccine Delay in LA Schools

(Los Angeles, CA) — The Los Angeles Unified School District is extending the deadline for employees to get vaccinations against Covid-19. The change means school employees must get their 1st shot by Friday October 15th and the 2nd no later than November 15th. In a statement, LA USD writes the delay was agreed upon “to protect the health and safety of all students and employees”; and to ensure “employees get the Covid-19 vaccine of their choice.” Labor Union SEIU echo’s that direction saying this will “minimize disruption of services.” Governor Gavin Newsom has told school districts they can set their own time-lines for vaccinations. A statewide school vaccine mandate goes into effect on January 1, 2022. Meanwhile, all students and employees in the L-A U-S-D will continue weekly COVID testing for the rest of the semester.